Friday, January 2, 2009

Coming Soon.

I'm not in it for the comments.

I'm running late with my next post, it's going to be a best of everything from 2008 post because no-one has done that yet. I'll be keeping an eye on my usual blog route as well to make sure none of my fellow bloggers are jocking Jay-z, or myself.

Also, now that it's 2009, people aren't allowed to do that thing where they something like, "i like apples, and by apples, i mean oranges" or "if by let's go you mean stay, then yeah, let's go".
I call it 'if-by-and-by syndrome' and it is making genuine sarcasm look bad and basic. If done properly, it was funny for about six minutes, but now in 2009, you're not messing with anyone's head and i can smell it from a mile away. And by mile i mean metre, and by metre i mean i hate you, and by hate i mean die, and by die i mean get cremated, and by get cremated i mean don't die in the first place, and by don't die in the first place i mean get really badly injured, and by get really badly injured, i mean die.

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Scagnetti said...

Number one post of 2008 baby, Thats me baby!

Please bleieve I'm sat here patting my own back.