Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'll admit, i won't really fuck with Chris Brown's or Rihanna's music (unless Lil Wayne has cameos) but god-damn, chilling in their presence without having to resort to stalking or beating up their security guards was a pretty incredible occurrence. Her first words? "Do you have these in a size 8 and 11?"
I tried to act all cool like, "yeah, i'm pretty sure i can sort that out for you" but secretly, the sweat from my palms could have nourished an entire third world country. If we didn't have those particular sizes in stock, i was ready to sit out the back and make them for her with whatever i could scrape together. After about half an hour of giving the best customer service i will ever give in my life, Chris and Rihanna were ringing up their sales (what financial crisis?) when she pointed out how awesome my Super Nintendo chain/pendant combo was. I fainted inside but somehow managed to remain upstanding and replied "yeah, i had it specially made because video games are better than pretty much everything".
Chris was all about it as well and proceeded to pull the right sleeve of his jumper (Supreme, of course) up, revealing a tattoo of nothing less than the exact same Super Nintendo controller. The shock i felt was comparable to winning lotto and finding $50 on the same day. We shared a moment and it was at that point that i realised i should be more accepting of the things i don't particularly enjoy. Had you told me Chris Brown was a Super Nintendo nerd and a champion in general about three hours ago, i would have told you to shut your mouth because you're clearly 15 years old and female. It's funny how actually meeting people like that can affect you regardless of how you feel about their chosen career path. There was definately a sense of accomplishment and megastardom in the air once they walked into the shop and i'll admit right now that i happily brushed my somewhat biased opinions aside and as a result, i matured a little bit.

So from now on, i'm going to do my best to not hate on artists and celebrities whose artforms i might not agree with, but only if i personally meet the superstars themselves.
Here's my list of Superstars that i am now cool with and a list that still have to prove themselves.

Stars that i'm now cool with:
- Rihanna
- Chris Brown
- Some guy from the Dandy Warhols.
- Sean Kingston

Stars that i'm still not cool with:
- Any that haven't personally given me praise.

C'mon Hollywood, my fanship is on a platter, show me that you deserve it.


christinetran2158 said...

Wow what a cool sighting! Could you tell if they were TOGETHER together? Who paid? Just because I'm too nosy for my own good =)

Me said...

They looked pretty together together and they both paid seperately.

christinetran2158 said...

One more question =)

Was the 8 for her and 11 for him?

Brad said...

Oh shit, you even threw the little watermark on that bad biddy. You go son!

I dance fucked the shit out of Rye Rye when she was over my side of the continent. She was also cool as hell and down for nerdy white kids like ourselves.

/end brag.

Let's have a competition. First to meet Obama wins. Meeting Obama can be beaten only by pashing Oprah. Did you see her in the crowd with all the lesser people at the "Yo Obama Won" aka Acceptance speach night? She was crying and urrthang. It was mad emotional.

Hi friend, hope life is swell.

Me said...

Christine, as far as i know they bought matching shoes, which is the cutest thing that has ever happened.

Brad, damn straight i watermarked that shit. Do you know what the going rate for a paparazzi shot of these two is? Let alone a shot of them both smiling at the camera?
Damn straight, we're talking millions, if not trillions and i'll be damned if i'm going to let some a-hole celebrity blogger walk in here and poach my shit.

I bet you i get Obama and Oprah in a threesome. You and Rye Rye would make a pretty special couple. Jesse Jackson cried as well and he's considered bulletproof in most states.

Life is ok, we are friends.

Yeah-Garth said...


This shit is ridiculously good!

Joshhh said...

I was in the store when they came in too.

I was one of the 15 year old kids who was too shocked to really move a muscle and did nothing but get in the way

The girls i were with were pretty stoked, i dont like their music and consider them more as just normal people than royalty, but they seemed friendly enough.

Still was quite a pleasant surprise and made my day at HAL that little bit more exciting.