Friday, February 15, 2008


Before you palm this off as another lame blog with dumb social commentary and shitty/frivolous opinions, take a moment to caress the thought that we agree with you. Blogs are gay, totally played out and have gone from being a wonderful form of expression to cesspools filled with misinformation, gay photos of people rock climbing/water skiing and general stinkiness.
Ours will be better though. Where others create blogs to keep their peers up to date with their stupid daily endeavours, we will discuss the ramifications of not supporting the way we live. Where others post photos of their totally boring day to day happenings, we will display confronting imagery that will cause you to question the way you live.
Where others have failed at blogs, we will not only succeed, but we will innovate, pioneer and ring in a new era of internet propaganda and general professionalism.
We know as much as you do in regards to the things that will feature on this address but we can almost/definately guarantee that it will be of the highest quality and will probably take you through the entire spectrum of human emotion, the most prominent being a general sense of
Basically, go to your favourites folder, delete all the other junk that you keep in there and insert this blog. It is better than the bible and the Guiness book of world records combined, and it's all you'll need from now on.

We're reasonable men, get off our case.