Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The results are in and i'm not surprised.

The battle continues.
Here's my latest correspondence with George Weston foods.

Dear ####,

Thanks for the response in regards to Reference #2775770. I conducted a poll on my blog to solidify the importance of this matter.

The results were as follows:

35 people voted in total.

29 people said that Tip-Top are well behind the times with their un-sliced rolls.

1 person said they prefer slicing their own rolls.

5 people said that hotdogs are for degenerates and that they prefer tapas and other fancy arrangements.

These results are the product of a 6 day poll conducted with no bias whatsoever. As you can see, there's an overwhelming demand for sliced rolls that you guys could be providing for.


To the 29 people that picked the correct answer, you all win! What do you win exactly? How about being one step closer to winning the fight against manual labour? You like that don't you?
Way to win, winner!

To the smartass that voted against sliced rolls, i know why you did it. You were faced with devastating odds and you panicked. Don't worry, you didn't make a difference and i forgive you for your negligence.

To the 5 of you that don't like hotdogs and live on a steady diet of tapas and undeserved self worth, thankyou. Without fancy citizens like you, us lower class hotdog eating motherfuckers wouldn't have something to strive for. Oh how i can't wait for the day when i can eat some fingernail size portions of cured ham and rotten cheese by candlelight whilst discussing the ups and downs of topics i know little about so i appear more worldy to my tapas eating compatriots.

Just kidding, tapas owns. Sometimes it seems to me that people just eat tapas because they like saying it or because they think it's this new hip thing.
"Ooohhh, it's like a meal only miniature! That's so kitsch!"

More to come.

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