Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If you feel you haven't been living on the edge or pushing your skills to the max lately, i suggest you visit http://www.shredtavern.blogspot.com/

It's packed to the lid with photos full of craze, expressionsism, cutting the lips, kicking the feet to the curb, busting the everlasting tricks for friendship and smashing the naysayers with attitudinal poetry and the art of freedom through shredding.

Having worked on failed projects with Luke and J'aime in the past, i have nothing but the highest expectations for their newest venture and endorse it as much as i do their collective dress senses, which is more than any of you senior citizens or indie fashion conscious douche-teens will ever know.

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J'aime Fazackerley said...

Cheers Dr. Menzino. I look forward to my next appointment with the good doctor himself. J'aime