Sunday, March 22, 2009

Retail space of the week

Good customer service is like the dinosaur age, you know it existed once but no-one has actually seen proof with their own eyes.
Having worked in retail for a healthy slice of my occupational life, i know this all too well. I also know that whenever i walk into a retail space that i don't work at, i feel like spitting on the staff members for even offering me the inconvenience of what they define as 'service'. Know-nothings, overzealous teens with aspirations of irritation, bitter middle-aged women and badly dressed men with superiority complexes are but a small example of the employees i have to deal with when i want to buy something. It sucks, but unfortunately it's always going to be like that.

Luckily, Gametraders takes a big digital dump on tradition with their A-grade service and super-friendly attitudes towards closet nerds like myself. Ever since Hi-tech world Innaloo closed down, i've been forced to chop and change my local game emporium on a monthly basis according to where i recieve the best service or whichever store stocks the best games first. I used to shop at EB, until i realised that they hate me for being a customer and JB Hi-Fi is way too impersonal for someone that might want to stand around and reminisce about the good old days for protracted time periods. I found gametraders by chance in the city and as soon as i had walked in there my preconceptions of all gaming retail spaces were swiftly taken out the back, shot and buried next to the vacant hole that used to occupy my need for deadstock Super Nintendo games.
I win.

Seriously though, Winter is approaching and you're going to need video games as much as homeless people need blankets. While Gametraders doesn't have the greatest selection of blankets in town (they could if they wanted to), they do stock a plethora of games for every platform since the NES era at super reasonable prices and they'll even offer you credit for any old games you've become to snobby to play. Plus, they have more toys and assorted gaming paraphenalia than that other place does.
Also, this is probably the only post i'll ever do that doesn't relate to stuff that i hate, so feel free to marinate in it for a while, but don't get used to it. Just like i won't get used to getting good customer service anywhere else.

/shameless plug.

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$hcott Free said...

quick note:
"Good customer service is like the dinosaur age, you know it existed once but no-one has actually seen proof with their own eyes.

Ever seen Jurassic Park?
Theres your proof buddy.