Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009: Who Passed?

For the record, i didn't even know earth hour existed until it was well and truly over. It's quite safe to say that while everyone was 'saving the planet' i was playing x-box with all the lights on in the house, four lamps, an oven, two televisions, my laptop, an i-pod charger, a stereo and an electronic water purifying device. Plus, i'm house sitting for a couple of friends at the moment and was doing all of that at their houses as well.
There's always next year right?

Where i failed though, millions succeeded. Earth hour 2009 was a raging success and an A+ on the report card of a currently failing planet.
Not everybody passed though. Having seen photographic evidence of the attempts, i've gone through and highlighted everyone's mistakes for more awareness next year.

To the eighty cities that competed, good try and better luck next year!

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