Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick thought.

That five food groups table on the side of cereal boxes. You know, apples, fish, bread, meat, eat all this shit and you'll probably live a while so long as you don't get aids or cancer or assassinated? Yeah, that one.

Is that a pyramid scheme?

Were the slavemasters back in the ancient Egyptian era the originators of this scheme?

"Psst, hey, peasant, come here. It'd be totally stellar if you stacked all this cinderblock in a pyramid formation. The pharaoh would be monolith psyched and he'll give you a whole heap of those Egyptian girls with the cool eyes."

An offer a peasant couldn't refuse perhaps? The problem was, the peasants didn't end up getting chicks and grapes, they got whipped and killed in that order, possibly in reverse. So effectively, the pyramids weren't named after their shape, they were named after the scheme that got them there, which is also shaped like a pyramid.
Hence, the creation of the pyramid scheme and me learning it myself.

Click below for a detailed and structured synopsis:

Next week, Fascism.


Julian Cole said...

Is that you on top of Michael Jackson and Ivan Milat (no homo), what happened, were you in a cross country and went to hard too fast?

Me said...

No way, if i was in that race the photo would be of me passed out on the ground with a gold medal and gatorade and champagne all over me.