Monday, November 10, 2008

*Takes half of the internet*

Half an hour later, my blog's favourite condiment is no longer salt and pepper, but a generous helping of thousand island dressing.

Thanks to all of my supporters out there, i saw some views from the UK and United States (could have something to do with the Obama triple post), which goes to show that there are still thriving markets out there for fixed gear bikes and other completely irrelelvant information. To my fellow bloggers at,,, (even though it is rarely updated), and, thanks for the links.

Here's to another thousand views and the celebration of mediocrity that is this post.


jack said...

you should get anonymous posting goin on so people can talk shit on here.

that would be sweet

oh yeh cough 3000+ cough. hand over crown.

Me said...

You are Red Rooster, i am River Rooster.

jack said...

nah i think its just cos we got multiple pages.
probs should go off the unique hits. which i aint giving up. aka top secret marketing shit.

at least your not chicken treat.

kesha said...

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Me said...

Fuck off Kesha.