Saturday, November 1, 2008

Clever title loosely based on dreams, but doesn't actually display the word 'dreams' to show my yearning, artistic side.

Something messed up happened to me last night while i slept. I was just lying there dreaming about what appears to be none of your business when, towards the end of my dream i said the words "you know it's the end of the world when people are congregating around a fireplace for entertainment".
Me and whoever else was in the room at the time were standing in a half renovated house where a television had replaced the fireplace. Some hippy said something lame abot the fireplace being covered up to which i responded with the above statement.
I can't remember what else happened after that but i can imagine it wasn't very exciting. What is exciting though, is the fact that i actually remembered every word of a particular quote from my dream and that has never happened before.

Maybe something of great significance will happen next time i'm near a fireplace? Could it be that the only reason something significant will happen next time i'm near a fireplace is because i've spent the last twenty five minutes thinking about it and even gone to the lengths of writing a blog (filler) post about it? What if the last twenty five minutes has actually been the dream and i'm still somewhere in reality discussing the importance of fireplaces? Why do tribes base so much importance around flames and dancing? Why don't they just build some skyscrapers and get jobs like the rest of us?

In the end, none of that crazy philosophical stuff really matters. All that does matter is that my dream alias says some really cool shit sometimes.

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