Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some stuff to look forward to and some gay stuff.

Coming soon, a Jay-Z x Coldplay collaboration. Hopefully they don't viva-la-fuck it up.

This will be good as long as it doesn't contain the following lines:
- "It's kinda like the break-up with Jen and Vince Vaughn"
- "It's kinda like the love that's played in ten-nis"
- "Girl, i philosophise on top of ya"

This is already out and it's incredible. Props to Charles for his impeccable (mostly) taste in women. Also, props for putting Sonic the hedgehog anywhere on a mixtape cover, let alone surrounded by porn stars and A-list celebrities.

The Game and Benji Madden on their way back from the Ed hardy store with some pink Ed Hardy bags. The only reason i can see anyone wearing Ed Hardy is because by now most people would know that it is ridiculously overpriced and therefore the assumption is made that one who wears Ed Hardy is balling or living a life of luxury.
The bags are pink by the way. The game is affiliated with the bloods.

And lastly, here's Pharrell sandwiched between a Kaws 'painting' (he just drew some x's on a Family Guy portrait), a fixed gear bike and about 20 metric tonnes of invisible hip. If he knew what was up, he'd be holding the bike with one hand. Two hand fixie carrying is sooo 28 seconds ago.

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Yeah-Garth said...

I'm extremely nervous about Common's new album.
He's been hanging out with some questionable types.
Ever since he met Kanye, his quality out put has dropped like the economy.
I think its all Kanye's fault. not just for ruining common's sound, but yes, the economic crisis as well...

Have you heard the single?
I can't remember what its called.
But it's produced by the neptunes, and it's disgusting.

ps - Send me a link if you find one.