Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Newest and last-est Scarface album ever. If the album is half as epic as the cover, Scarface will probably get a day named after him. Anyone not from Houston will be required to work on said holidays.
Also, a new MF Doom song can be found HERE. It's pretty sweet, but it's probably an imposter.
Dear Benny, Brad, William and whoever else was associated with this in-joke. I found Manute Bol at my local supermarket. I haven't heard about Manute in a minute and i'm pretty sure this is him. I was going to ask about it but refrained through fear of being dunked on with the force of a thousand starving Sudanese.


Anonymous said...

i work there.
there's one guy who comes in that i call the black terminator.
crew cut, so brown he's black, with 90's army street wear

maybe you've seen him too

Lipton said...
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