Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's like that episode of ____________, you know, the one where ________________.

Yes, i do. But that episode has nothing to do with what just happened to you. Because you saw that episode of ___________ before the event you apparently just experienced, you are under the impression that you have some kind of special link to a particular character in your favorite sitcom.
Newsflash, sitcoms are based on everyday events that people can relate to, hence the reason they are a predominantly successful television genre. You aren't special because you went to the toilet and there was no toilet paper left, just like i'm not special for being able to predict which songs mix 94.5 are going to play. You've been brought up to relate to what you see and hear, don't suddenly decide that it's a crazy coincidence when i'm carrying a 16kg package with a hotdog in one hand and a bottle of orange juice in the other.

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Scagnetti said...

Where do comments about the blog in general go?

Latest post I'm guessing.

That sub header is what is commonly reffered to as 'epic'