Thursday, July 3, 2008

I want there to be a gnarly storm or something.

Nothing cool happens anymore. I remember back in the day there used to be the craziest storms where people would get blown around by the wind and impaled on white picket fences and then it would rain so hard that their bodies would get washed down the street and no one would even say anything because it was standard practice.
Now we get annoying mist rain that doesn't stop and thunder so insignificant that dogs don't even raise an eyelid to it. I thought global warming was going to fuck shit up? I pray every night for catastrophic disasters, so should you.
Here is teh photos.
Fuck i hate this bitch.
Oops? As if i'm accidentally bankrupt. Look at how fucking smug she is as well. " You're Broke! Tee hee hee!". If they replaced her with a small, balding taxation officer with a mean scowl i'd be much happier to accept the fact that i'm eating mi goreng for the rest of the week.

This stuff is called rage. I tried it and suddenly had the strength of 1000 men and the patience of 26 women with the most intense pms you could ever imagine. The come down was the equivalent of losing a loved one.
Dancing shoes x jetty x water that you can't really see. One of the most pointless collaborations i've ever come across.

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