Friday, July 4, 2008

I am (almost) psychic.

Remember yesterday how i was complaining about a lack of natural disasters or any form of chaos? Well, my prayers were semi-answered today in the form of a residential house fire. Normally seeing a fire requires the chasing of a smoke oasis or the application of match to matchbox but not this morning, someone had gone to the liberty of doing all the work for me. All i had to do was walk around and take photos while people ran around doing that whole stop, drop and roll thing.
What's with that anyway? It it that hard to just grab a hose and wash yourself off?

See? How much better does this street look now that there's a little smoke in the air?
As you can see by the cars, i wasn't the only one trying to get a piece of the action. People claim that it's terrible when something like this happens, but they are always the first in line to visually capitalise on the situation.
Fire trucks add to a street's character. Before, this was just an ordinary roundabout, now you could practically charge people to come and hang out here.

At this point, i could hear glass being smashed and firefighters fucking about in the house. I don't blame them. If i was given an axe and a big ass hose i'd probably forget that there was ever a fire to fight.

Here is a picture of some firefighters kicking it at their favourite spot.

This man is the reason my morning was so awesome. Thanks again Blanket-Guy!

This snake in the grass was trying to steal all my angles.

He was from some t.v station, i think that logo stands for not being able to cover an event as well as i can.

These two asked me what i was up to. I responded, "Oh, i don't know, just a little thing called TRULY HEINOUS.BLOGSPOT.COM! So how about, get out of my way and peep how a proffesional does it?". They obliged and tried to interview me afterwards. I told them that i was sick of being interviewed and to give the civilians their five seconds of fame.

This guy didn't give up, he stood right in front of me and proceeded to operate his oversized media recording mechanism. He looked kind of flammable so I told him there was a cat being rescued on the other side of the house and he gave me a hundred dollars for giving him the hot tips. He didn't bother me after that.

If you're going to be seen at a big event like this, i think it's a person's responsibility to wear something a little more appropriate. Go back to bed or go back to bed.

So, i figure if anything i type on this blog happens the next day i'm going to go ahead and say, infinite money, endless pop tarts and more fires as long as no-one gets hurt.

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