Thursday, July 17, 2008

For Bradley

Oh my stars. I just (didn't) see the new Batman movie and it was (probably) mindblowing. The all-star line-up and fast paced action (i'm guessing) had me glued to my seat like a prisoner in an electric chair. Batman's sexy new batsuit (i'm assuming they updated it and i'm also guessing it's sexy) sent shivers down my spine and i'm sure whichever role Maggie Gyllenhal played, she was awesome in it. My favourite scenes are pretty much the ones i saw in the previews and include the bat-bike scene, the scene where Joker says something humorous, umm, the part where Christian Bale is handsome and the final scene which (hopefully) managed to answer all of my questions and didn't leave any stinky plot holes.

I'm not going to say the Dark Knight is better than Batman Begins because Batman Begins is one of my favourite movies ever, but i will say it was better than Batman forever, which was very gay and also had an incredibly gay soundtrack featuring Seal, U2, Nick Cave and Massive Attack. I heard they all stood around in the studio together with stiffies and the whole thing was produced by the highest ranking officer of the Navy.

Anyway, i suggest you go and see the Dark Knight as i have (haven't) done. Maybe afterwards you and your friends can go and get a burger and discuss who the best Batman is like those jerks who have full blown arguments over who played the best James Bond.

In related news, here is a picture of Sean Connery.
Definately the best Bond.

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