Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight is better than Casablanca and Schindler's list

I actually feel really bad for writing a review about this movie before i saw it. Whilst it was very well written, covered all bases and actually defied the conventions of what people expect from a review, it did this film no justice.
The cast, Heath Ledger in general, the acting, the sounds that Batman's fist would make when it greeted an enemy's skull. No expense was spared and not a single drop of talent was put to waste when this movie was created. I even let Morgan Freeman off the hook for featuring in that movie with the genetically engineered sharks. That's how phenomenal this film is.

Make sure you pack a lunch and go to the toilet several times before you enter Gotham City though, you're going to be staying there for a good two and a half hours (three if you count the time it will take to re-adjust your face after the credits have rolled). Even if you do feel the urge, don't worry about 'going' in the cinema, i could actually smell the urine in the air from people that were physically scared to go to the toilet because they didn't want to miss a second of this cinematic equivalent of the bible.

Go and see this before it comes out on dvd.

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