Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spam Burger.

Here's the lengths those crazy indians will go to for a little bit of inbox love.

"Bonjour, How to keep your girlfriend happy ...

"Something to buy gloves.' 'oh, where will i find hast said is true. Thy words, however, are exceedingly kshatriyas, the (royal) brothers, mace in hand, generated there by (such) friction of countless countenance to idolatry. And shall we thus harden alone for that end. Accordingly they werenever happy in his illustration, when, in his concluding towards the plain, are immense and, if credence received and handed over to the committee, was thou art eternal brahman! thou art that highest induced my voyage and the adventures i had encountered. Altogether seven (domestic) and seven(wild) animals hermia was playing her game rather ruthlessly the body of my preceptor's lady. I shall stay going back, anyway, and he repeated: if you go".

If any metal/emo/screamo/goth-core/gay-tech bands are ever looking for a cool name, they needn't look any further than the above email.
I've even gone to the liberty of picking a few out for those of you that don't speak indian:

- Credence Received
- Countenance to Idolatry
- Harden Alone
- Towards the Plain
- Animals Hermia
- I killed the Prom Queen
- Dashboard Confessional
- Wolverine Cyclops

An example of how feasible these names actually are:

Get at me if you're starting a band, i have about fifty of these emails on the backburner.

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