Saturday, July 19, 2008

34 posts deep and look what i had for breakfast.

It's not a milestone, but seeing the number 34 next to how many posts i've made gave me a wonderful sense of e-accomplishment. I celebrated this morning by having krispy kremes and fried chicken for breakfast whilst listening to the new Nas album (which is really, really good and contains issues that some of you may not be able to understand yet).
While i celebrate this milestone (it's a milestone now) i'd also like to pay my deepest respects to Olive, the worlds oldest blogger who passed away on the 12th of this month. She is 108 and her blog is what i want my blog to look like when i am 108 or whatever age my current diet of doughnuts and kfc will allow me to reach.
The sad part is, i see very little mention of Olive's passing in our own tabloids. Instead, i get the news that Ben Cousins has been approached by Channel 7 to appear in the next series of Dancing with the stars. Why is Ben Cousins even still around? He played football for a living, took some drugs and lost his job. Since then he's been a hero, a male model and now a dancer. He could go from his house to the shops and before he got home he would have made the front page of the West Australian with the headline 'Ben shops for a new beginning' and a ten page story on how brave he is.
Perth needs to get off this guy's nuts, Olive and her blog are much more important.

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