Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Product Reviews

Sony Cybershot Digital Soul Capturer. My friend Joel gave me this camera a while ago and up until now it has been an absolute trooper. It has survived a million nights out on 'the piss', skateboarding trips, photoshoots and countless journeys from my hands to the ground with no assistance in between. It was almost the most reliable sony product i had ever owned until the other day when the button you use to take the photos snapped off in a callous display of electronic defiance. I was pissed to say the least. Why, out of every other function on the camera, would this button decide to fail?
Here are some things i would have preffered to have broken:
-The viewfinder.
-The dial that you use to select what kind of shot you take.
-The sony and/or cybershot logos.
-Kyle Sandilands life.
-Not the button you use to take the photos.

I highly recommend this camera for people that want their stuff to break in the most unfair and irrepairable way possible after owning it for about a year.

The new and improved 'Mother' energy liquid.Yes, the self proclaimed mother of all energy drinks is back to reclaim the throne that it never had because it tasted like human shit mixed with everything you would find on a spice rack. What better way to return than with a new formula that "tastes nothing like the old one!"? If you ever have to write this on a product, chances are you shouldn't be making anything.

The thing is, the new formula isn't that bad. It tastes kinda like Red Bull and V mixed with V and Red Bull with a touch of glucuronolactone. Plus, it comes in a 'big black can' (racist) and something about man-bags and inferior packaging.Be sure to store it at 'freeze your nuts off' temperature. If your fridge doesn't have this setting, general liquid storage temperature will suffice. Make sure you aren't 'up the duff' or a 'lame legal guy' when you are drinking it, you might not reach the full energy potential that this product proposes.

Another bonus, it's fucking ginormous. You actually need a ladder to open it.

Pamela Anderson.

I saw her on Big Brother the other night and i'm pretty sure she still goes like the clappers. She's currently into partying and animals and stuff.

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