Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pop x Tarts

No, not a pregnant teenager, but actually the greatest breakfast entity to grace the otherwise uninspired breakfast aisle of your local shopping centre. They haven't been around for about ten years and the Pop Tart is seldom brought up in conversation nowadays because people have either chosen to forget, or are in denial, knowing that mentioning such a thing will only bring up false feelings of bliss, satisfaction and a general sense of being alive.
Times have changed and someone is doing something about it. I caught wind of a fresh shipment of Pop Tarts the other day through a connection who can only be referred to as 'Lentil'. Being a regular on the confectionary circuit, Lentil likes to keep his ears to the street and has been known to come up with gold on several occasions.
This was one of those occasions.
Lentil likes to keep a low profile when he's hooking up a transaction. He threatened to choke slam me if i took anymore photos of him.
We had to communicate via sms after word had gotten out. He tried to tell me to wait a couple of days, but i had already organised the party.
Lentil obliged and sent me the details.
I got there and sure enough, the package was still intact. Some junkies were lurking, i think they had a pretty good idea of what was going down.
I tried to pull the package through but the size served me a large helping of difficulty with a side-dish of pissing me off.
After half an hour, i rotated that bitch and success was mine and nobody else's.
Your pearly gates mean nothing. This is what the entrance to heaven looks like.
This guy has too many hats, but not enough time to wear them all. I agreed with the problem and proceeded to cook up my goods.
As per the package, i only warmed them because they are actually already cooked. Light setting will ensure success.
This sight marks the end of a decade of dissapointment.
This photo is R-rated.

Listen to this while you're eating for maximum happiness. Wale is the future.

I'd like to thank Lentil, Transperth and Kellogg's for giving me reason to live again. Don't bother seeking these things out either, i heard they're not available anymore.

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