Monday, June 2, 2008

The new Audi commercial

So i saw the new Audi commercial last night. For the most part, I thought it was crap with a hint of pretty sweet. They featured a good range of their new cars, the editing was quick paced and the queer rock soundtrack really made me feel like i was test driving the cars, with my eyes.
The only problem i had was that Robert Downey Jr. kept popping up in between the shots of the cars, jabbering on about how he had to build a special suit to fight a company that produces the weapons that almost got him killed in iraq/iran/afghanistan/barren landscape. The very same company that he owns and operates.
Now, i'm all for commercials with plotlines and interesting characters, but Audi really went all out with this one. Explosions, Terrence Howard, limb operated propulsion devices, Gwyneth Paltrow and missiles all got mentions in this one and at 126 minutes, it is one of the longest commercials I have ever been forced to sit through. Have you ever seen a car commercial with it's own hype poster?

One man, one machine, one hundred and twenty six minutes of pure Audi.

I don't give a dick about Audi's or robots for that matter, but Robert Downey Jr. is one charming son of a bitch and if you don't want to buy a car anytime soon then I suggest you avoid making eye contact with said advertisement. Here are some sounds/images that will let you know the commercial is about to start so you can evacuate before it's too late:

1. AC/DC.

2. Robert Downey Jr. charming the pants off anything around him, including pants.

3. The Audi R8, which is basically a poor man's fighter jet.

4. Fighter jets.

If you have seen all of these things, it's all over and your pants have already evacuated your body. Watch it through to the end for one of the most exciting credit rolls ever seen in a commercial.

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