Thursday, May 29, 2008

No country for old pussies.

I finally watched this movie the other night called 'No Country for Old Men' after months of passing it off as another gay cowboy movie. The thing is, if you even looked at this guy sideways he'd cut your dick off, somehow make a bullet out of it and then shoot you in the face with it, killing you and anyone around you on impact. The cops would then show up at the scene and laugh at you because he'll make it appear that you died whilst giving yourself a hummer.
Then he'll go and kill a dog because he can but also to cover his tracks. (Note: He actually kills a dog in the film. Hollow man is probably the only other guy to ever kill a dog on camera but he's a pussy compared to this guy.)
In fact, i'd go as far to say that he is the hardest man ever to grace a dvd cover and having him walk around and deface people with a captive bolt pistol is a pretty well thought out concept for a movie.
The only let down is the end in which (spoiler alert) Tommy Lee Jones sits there and looks old for about forty five minutes before the credits roll. I think he says some stuff but he wasn't killing anyone at the time so i wasn't really paying attention.

Five stars.

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