Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back on my grizzly like a bear skin rug.

I saw a link to my blog from another blog yesterday so i clicked on it and realised that i haven't added jack shit to it since my very first post about infinity years ago. My only excuse is that i quarter forgot that I had started it, I quarter didn't have a camera and I half have the ability to fail at keeping any form of routine/consistency with even the most basic of tasks. Any other spare time I have is spent laughing at the token midget from Big Brother who not only broke her stupid little leg the other day but also has some very provocative photos circulating the internet. Then I laugh even more imagining her using a general public issue set of crutches and dangling from them like a gymnast would on some parallel bars.

Either way, I have a couple of updates and there will be a more constant flow of material on this page from now on, that's a promise/complete lie.

For the time being, here is a picture of a real midget or 'legitimidget' as i like to call them.
Damn, shawty.

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