Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How this passes as a post is anyone's guess.

Suck eggs if you're ever looking for a picture of the interior of a Maybach 62' on the internet these days. I found out just then that if you type the words 'Maybach' and 'interior' on google, my fucking bliss website comes up at the number 3 search. Maybach is an international company with a shitload of prestige and dignity and i'm honored that my post is now representing their efforts and hopefully my post about wanting to get run over by one will help their customer base realise just how many out of order signs they'll have to hang from their dicks from all the sex they'll be getting when they buy that particular car and check my particular blog. God knows why there is such a sudden interest in this car now seeing as my post came out almost a while ago, but i'm getting hits from countries i didn't even know existed until they came up on my sitemeter. Poland? What the fuck do they do for a living?

Anyway, this was just a quick inspirational post, now go out and try your best!

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