Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbye Mt. Lawley

I leave you with what i was seeing on a regular basis and what i will miss most, local ruffians gathered around a local motive.

Because this talisman of success had supposedly been captured the night prior, during the ceremony it was brought to the tribe's attention that he with his tongue on the trophy essentially had his tongue on one of the other tribesman's lower regions through third party association.
Hilarity ensued and i secretly wished i was 16 again.


Yeah, Right. said...

Is this photographic evidence of the writers of the clusterfuck of Mt Lawley 16 year old boy blogs that are entirely about smoking weed and video games? Cus reading them makes me wish I was 16 again too, and also makes me wonder if it would be weird/gross if I made out with one of them. I could be an older woman ala Mrs Robinson except I know what fixies are and hopefully I don't choose one with as big a nose as Dustin Hoffman.

Me said...

I don't think any of these kids are running blogs and if they are, may god have mercy on the souls of any females that happen to cross their path prior to updating.

With that said, your clout in the blogosphere could provide grounds for making out sans online repercussions/peak hour panties posting.

Mad Rape said...
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