Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Try Harder.

I was reading my blog this morning and laughing my ass off as always when i came across something i haven't seen for quite some time.

It was at the bottom of my most recent post, highlighted in red as if it were some kind of obvious omen that i may have looked over these past few weeks.

'1 people actually read my blog'

1 people? What the F does that mean? Do omens have really bad english or was this just the format of correspondence my blog had chosen? My curiosity levels were maxed out and i almost passed out from the anticipation as i clicked the red text.

It read as follows:

$hcott Free said...

"Black & Red ..Wow .. Who woulda thunk it..
Kinda reminds me of the A-Team van with a lil' Night Rider thrown in".

I leant back in my blog chair, turned 30 degrees to the left and put my hands together in the same fashion a really important executive would while he's figuring out his next power move. I then put those hands under my chin for added effect.
After throwing some ideas around, i came to a conclusion. This '$chott Free' character seems to be responding to something i've written. It's like, he's read what i've written and then used the 'people actually read my blog' function to send me a message!
It was a beautiful moment. It was like all the most heart-wrenching movie conclusions had knocked on my front door and systematically punched me in the face until i couldn't take anymore.

This person was communicating with me. As it turns out, this person knows me as well.

"Black & Red ..Wow .. Who woulda thunk it.."

-This would insinuate that he knows i like the colours Black and Red, hence this being the obvious choice of colourway for my blog. "Who woulda thunk it" is like saying "i know you like that, i'm not at all surprised that you picked those colours. Keep up the good work!".

"Kinda reminds me of the A-Team van with a lil' Night Rider thrown in"

- See what he did there? Pop culture references are a commentors best friend. They make for ease of relation between the reader and the writer and also give the comment some direction and an avenue for further discussion. This is very much the perfect comment.

You see, i'm a sucker for feedback and Scott's comment could not have come at a better time.

It's like i'm standing out here, flexing my brain muscle and people are just walking past, unimpressed by what they see or occassionally stopping to steal my genius without the according thankyous. It hurts, even with a brain muscle as strong and capable as mine.

But when someone like Scott (or any of you buttkissers for that matter) leaves evidence of his visit or even some kind words of encouragement, it's the equivalent of someone walking past and saying "Hey, nice brain muscle! I bet you worked really hard to get it like that. You're the best!". To which i respond "hey! thanks heaps! i'll try even harder from now on!"

Please, don't feel obliged to leave feedback if it's too much trouble. Some people just aren't built like that and i totally understand. Always remember that every cloud has a silver lining and for everyone else, there's Mastercard.

*Scott, no homo x10 for the whole brain muscle paragraph and to everyone else, just kidding about the comment thing. But seriously, i'm not posting until i see feedback.


Julian Cole said...

Can't wait till this blogs goes BIG, so I can say that I was reading it before you mainstreamer bros jumped on board.

Me said...

See people? Julian relates his comment back to the success of my blog, therefore i can relate to it!

He cannot fail with this comment!

jil said...

*Insert successful comment*

$hcott Free said...

Your welcome.

zur said...

i dont know you

Alister said...

wow, that post was the goods. flippin rad man. I can't wait till your next post... words fail me now.

Me said...

@Zur, that's ok. I don't discriminate!

@Alister, thanks for the kind words. I'll make sure my next post is great to the power of wicked, just for you!

krakha said...

i'm one of, no doubt many readers who does only that and is to lazy to comment (this being the exception). Get one of the sitecounter things at the bottom of yr page it will make you feel like yr making a difference (which you are btw). peas.

Me said...

Don't worry, i'm rocking the sitemeter.
It's pretty much what gets me to sleep at night.

Me said...

*Comment number 10*