Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here you go.

Every time i talk about Wu-Tang with people that listen to hip-hop they get all emotional like it's some kind of exclusive cult and you can only join if you can recite all of their albums in reverse. Tell them that you'd find it a difficult task to list the their entire discography and the length of each track including the bonus and remixes and you may as well have spit on all of their siblings in order of oldest to youngest.
Still, i'll happily sit here (i blog sitting down yo!) and tell anyone reading this that i don't know all the lyrics to every Wu-Tang song ever released and i consider myself a devout follower of all things 'hip' and particularly 'hop'.
Recently, a constant trickle of new tracks from the Wu have found their way to my laptop and i have since come to appreciate their genius, accessibility and maybe even the reason their fans would take bullets for them. As a result, i am greatly anticipating the release of Raekwon's next venture 'Blood on Chef's Apron' and the second installment of the Cuban Linx saga, neither of which will be enjoyed by myself until i go back in time to re-live 'that' period in Hip-Hop. During my travels, i can only hope that i don't turn into one of those kids that acts like they weren't still being tucked into bed when the 36 Chambers dropped.

As a gift from me to you, here's my favourite two tracks out of the recent onslaught. The second one is actually from Jadakiss' new album, but features two very familiar voices.


Cartel Gathering.


Me said...

No comments about how much this shit bangs or how good the old Wu-Tang is.

I know it bangs, my taste is immaculate.

$hcott Free said...

Man this track BAN... oh..my bad
I sent a stimulus package(*) to the shop today.Hope you like Kit Kat.
Off to NY today.Throw your W's up!


Blood on Chef's apron is the new mixtape(mostly previously-released joints, a few new).. Only Built for Cuban Linx II is the long-awaited sequel to the, which may or may not be released on Aftermath, if at all..

Seymour Scagnetti said...