Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amadeus for Dummies.

If you're ever looking for first date movie fodder, i highly recommend 'Amadeus'. Not only will it make you look cultured and sensitive, but it has a guaranteed-to-get-you-laid rating that hovers between fingerbang and abortion scare.
The story follows this guy called Antonio who hates Mozart because Mozart is way more talented and he feels that God is taking the piss by granting such a gift to someone that acts like Cosmo Kramer on a permanent helium trip. What is more important though is that this part is played by a man named F. Murray Abraham, who is famous for his role as Omar, the pile from Scarface that ended up bungee jumping from a helicopter by his neck. He's a jerk, but you feel sorry for him because Mozart is a little smart-ass who runs around charming the city folk with his undeniable musical gift whilst simultaneously making Anotonio look like a grumpy old asshole.
Anyway, the plot owns, it's a really entertaining insight into Mozart's music and the costumes are so on point that you will feel slightly queer for appreciating them. Good queer though, like when your friends are teasing you because of the way you slurp an ice cream cone and you pretend to be offended and all anti-queer, but deep down you are enjoying every minute of it.

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