Friday, October 30, 2009

Give a fuk wat a hetter gat to say.

While you said he was nothing but a gimmick, a one trick pony and the worst rapper alive, we said he was a rising star, an artist of immense capabilities and the voice of a generation. Where you questioned our intentions, we preached the gospel and while you were at home last night hetting behind your computers, BANGS was rocking a full capacity crowd to the sweet sounds of victory and of course, his recent chart-topping venture, 'Take U To Da Movies'.

I wasn't there myself personally, but a certain Dommy Hammond was there to witness history in the making as an impressively collected BANGS tore the roof off as if he were a seasoned veteran on the live music circuit.

Seriously. Who the fuck can come out of nowhere and influence a crowd like that? He even brought popcorn! Dinner and a show! And keep your "yeh but peepl r jus lauging at him!!" mentalities to yourselves. BANGS set out to do one thing, entertain the shit out of you. If a single person at that venue last night didn't leave absolutely beaming may i suggest a booking with your nearest proctologist for immediate removal of the forrest of sticks and tree trunks clearly residing deep inside your colon.

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