Sunday, October 11, 2009

We're advertising like this now?

I was driving down Stirling Highway this morning and was keeping myself occupied by admiring the always engaging and intelligent billboard advertisements located at regular intervals on this heavily populated thoroughfare. Really mindblowing stuff you know, like pictures of expensive cars in driveways with pricetags and the ever failsafe family picnic scene advertising something that has nothing to do with family picnics, like washing detergent, which if you think about it is the polar opposite to a family picnic because dishwashing liquid is associated with eating at home and during a family picnic, you aren't eating at home. Fuck you.

As i was bludgeoned with campaigns and the latest mass marketing propaganda during my trip, there was one particular advertisement that hit me a little harder than the others. It was an RAC commercial on a big yellow billboard and black lettering. The black lettering formed a quote that read something like this.

"RAC handled my claim so quickly, i sent them a card"
(RAC customer)

I was doing about 200 km/h so forgive me if i didn't get it exactly right, but this was definitely the general jist of the advertisement. RAC's latest advertising campaign is quotes. The same RAC that has been the backbone of Western Australia's automotive tactical response group and has helped hundreds of thousands of idiots get back on the road. Now they're doing quotes, which basically puts them in the same league as penis enlargement, power tools and home gyms.

"Woah, my dick is like 300 inches now! I can't even have sex anymore! Who cares, i'm massive!"
(Someone, somewhere)

"This drill pisses all over my last drill! No really, check out this setting! PSSSSSSHHHHHH!"
(A guy at a place)

"Thanks to this home gym, my dick is like 300 inches now! I can't even have sex anymore! Who cares, i'm massive!"
(A man, America)

Etc. Etc.

I wouldn't be as offended if the quote was actually true, which it might be, but that's beside the case. Who actually says stuff like that? Where was this quote obtained, and who from? If i heard someone say that, i would publicly accuse them of being a robot. I mean, they don't even give a name. It just says something about that person being a customer, which is infuriating and one of the laziest, most unoriginal forms of advertising i have ever seen from a company with such a stellar reputation. Anyone can make up a quote to promote their company, look:

"This blog.......*sigh*.....This blog has changed my outlook on everything. Five minutes here and I feel cleansed, born again, invincible. A unique smorgasbord of rare truths hidden behind subtle embelishments and new world observation. It's like that Spice Girls song, 'Things will never be the same again', because after this, they won't. It all changes from here on in. Fuck the Spice Girls"
(Someone that read my blog once)

Someone get me a billboard, stat.


The Teacher said...

Good use of the word "bludgeoned". I will continue to comment on your blog in the future.

Many thanks


Word up! I think NAB or someother bank are rockin the same idea on their campaign too..laaaaammeeeeee

shushudip said...

i just got lost on your blog for a few hours at work.

thanks for curing my boredom. keep it up.