Monday, September 14, 2009

Apology accepted.

Ever since the dawn of time or at least as far as i can remember, i've never really enjoyed agreeing with people. I feel that life is too easy when everyone's all high-five and in agreeance on everything and i'm constantly in the pursuit of a little intellectual debate or a heated stabbing. If someone says something relating to pop culture or geography or something just as important i'll go out of my way to disagree with them, laying a solid foundation for an exciting exchange of opinions. Sometimes it won't even be your opinion that i'm disagreeing with either, it could just be that the conversation we're having is going suspiciously well and i feel the need to question your outlook on life to save the friendship from going into uncharted territory. I'm that good of a friend, thank me later.

I remember this one time back in year 5, some old guy was standing up the front of the class telling us about how the solar system works and his interesting theory of the Earth's revolution of the sun. The class were all eyes to the front and somewhat spellbound by what this man had to say and to put it bluntly, i didn't like where it was headed. I raised my hand and when prompted i told him that he was wrong. He chuckled and gave me this look like "you're 10 and you don't know what you're talking about". He responded with a confident "oh really? Would you like to explain to the class your opinions on time and space?" Astounded that he would ask me such a question and a little unsure of what my response would be i stated that "it is not the sun that the Earth revolves around, it is your head". The class let out an epic roar of laughter as the teacher in question happened to be sporting a cranium of epic proportions, so he didn't take my theory very lightly. He approached my desk and as he did, i stood up on it to make sure i was at his eye level and wasn't playing any games. Just as he went to either strike me or tell me to get down i punched him in the face with both of my fists so hard that he penetrated the wall at the front of the class and left a perfect planetary shaped hole in doing so. I had proven my point and i think he went on to become a famous astrologist after our little encounter. This just goes to show the immense power of argument. Fact.

Now, during my day off yesterday i did what i always do and jumped through my checklist of must check daily web addresses. Like a-lot of people i know, i possess that special useless quality that causes me to violently convulse if i'm not aware of every news headline from the last 24 hours. Information is power right? From extensive articles on the decay of the Western world to a piece on which flavor ice-cream is most versatile with your summer wardrobe, i have to know it all. Or at least as much as my monolithic brain can handle, which is pretty much all of it.

As i did the rounds i was obviously made aware of the MTV VMA's that were occurring at that very moment as every website i checked had made mention of it somewhere on their page. It wasn't until i checked my twitter that i learned of an apparent Kanye West wrongdoing and the worldwide hate he was receiving as a result. His fans were dissing him with no remorse and artists he had worked with were questioning their professional relationships with him on every community based webpage you know of. I was a little concerned as Kanye West's tendencies to pull spotlight stealing stunts had become as notorious as the award shows he pulled them at, but had always been met with a general consensus of "oh, lol. That's our Kanye!". What did he do that was so unforgivable?

Kanye West / Taylor Swift VMA's clip from joe hollywood on Vimeo.

Oh, that's right. He did that.

I think we can all say that the above footage is extremely unfortunate and a rather large blemish on the career of Kanye West and MTV as a whole. Little Taylor Swift was receiving her first VMA moonman award and in the middle of her acceptance speech the most evil man in the universe stumbled on stage and stole what will no doubt be one of many standout moments in her long and financially beneficial career. It was unfair on young Taylor and i suddenly understood why Kanye would have been crossed off a-lot of people's Christmas card lists this year.
I thought about it for a while and considered boycotting any further music he makes out of respect for Taylor's feelings and i still don't even know what a Taylor Swift is. I mean, that doesn't make any difference to his moral code or his bank balance but it would make me feel better right? I paced around the house for a while, confused as to how i would make my anger felt and it was only when i sat down again and had a browse through everyone else's reactions that my thoughts on the matter began to change.

Contrary to what you may take from my blog or even anything i say in real life, I will never favor one race over any other, whether it be my own or anyone else's. No matter how bad things get and whatever conflicts are waged between whichever countries for whatever reasons, i will never concede to the sometimes prominent mentality that my skin colour grants me access to any more rights than anyone else and i expect the same in return. You can raise any point under the sun but when it comes down to it, if you legitimately feel that you are part of a supreme race or background and act dismissively towards someone because of the colour of their skin, i give you full permission to play 18 holes in a lightning storm.
Which brings me to my next point. I can't stress enough the multiple levels of lame that Mr. West touched on during his interruption of Taylor's acceptance speech. He'd been lurking around the proceedings with a half empty bottle of Hennessy and that combined with his notorious ego and love for all things Beyonce was a guaranteed recipe for disaster. No excuses. The backlash that followed was also expected, but on the same note, the amount of race-driven hate featured throughout this backlash was even less excusable.

I've seen and heard some pretty despicable shit on the internet, but the comments from Kanye's fan base and the general public made me sick and embarrassed to be a part of the human race. Claims that Kanye's tirade was a racist attack littered throughout twitter accounts worldwide, death threats and references to his deceased mother were just some of the things i saw and as much as i hate to take his side, were far more atrocious than what he did or could have done at that award show. Remember when 50 cent did almost the exact same thing to Evanescense at an even more prestigious award ceremony in 2004? Ten minutes later no-one was talking about it.
So is it the constant evolution of the internet and it's accessibility to freedom of speech that's made this whole scenario more visible and offensive, or has this furious racism been laying dormant, waiting for someone like Kanye to slip up so a bunch of ignorant teenage race relations experts can share their wisdom on a public forum and simultaneously humiliate themselves and Mr. West?

The man made a mistake, as we all do. No matter how publicly he made this mistake or how sweet and innocent his victim was, it was a mistake made as a result of who he is and some persuasive outside influences. Once again, i'm not at all condoning his actions but for crying out loud, the fucking President of the United States (whom he has supported since day one) is on his case along with pretty much everyone that has ever bought one of his albums or heard one of his songs. He's apologized the best way he knows how on multiple occasions across all types of media and has admitted that he needs to get some help. For Kanye West to apologize and admit he has a problem does more to convince me that he's legitimately sorry than what a bunch of closet racists can type to convince me that he's as bad as you've all made him out to be. The guy is responsible for some amazing music and like it or not, has provided the backdrop for some pretty memorable moments across the last decade as i can only assume he's done so for the people who are now out for his blood.

As of this post I am officially disagreeing with the general public and it's stance on the Kanye West VMA's incident. Not because of a difference in opinion, but because I'd rather see everyone move on so Mr. West can get back to being that self- obsessed, arrogant mess of a musical genius that we've all come know so well. If not for another decade of good music than for the sake of young Miley Cyrus, who's career would no doubt benefit just as much if you all let it be.


ckm said...

after watching her clip i dont think he really did anything wrong in letting ppl know he thought it was crap, plus now we have so many kanye interruption memes to keep us entertained.

Me said...

I saw the pokemon one yesterday...

Who's taylor swift again?

ckm said...

some slapper i guess.