Monday, September 7, 2009


So the Blueprint 3 has been pushed forward to tomorrow because Jay-z either wanted to go against the grain or has come to terms with the fact that everyone has his album already, some of us even before he did. Having listened to the album several times over now i can definitely say that while Jay-z can still make good music, he is now incapable of making timeless music. Every song on this album is like every fad i've seen in the last few years. Awesome and entertaining for an hour or so, you'll crack some jokes and make obscene references to it a few times but after that you only get more and more frustrated every time you're faced with it and you slowly begin plotting it's demise with anyone that'll listen to you. If Jay-z is the trend-setting god mc that he makes himself out to be, i can only hope that this isn't the direction he's taking hip-hop.....if that's even the genre that the Blueprint 3 belongs in. Granted, there's some bangers on there, but the whole thing feels like a promotional playground for the main guest appearances (Kid Cudi, Drake, J Cole, Luke Steele, Young Jeezy, Mr. Hudson and Kanye West) and then you've got this Jay-z guy who is like the kindegarten teacher in the background making sure that they all stay in check whilst dropping his two cents in at regular intervals.

A recent release that did impress me however, was 'No Strings Attached', which is the legitimate DVD lovechild of one Josh Roberts and another Chris Yow. NSA is the most recent visual manifestation of Perth's skateboarding collective and was actually due for release back in 1978, but due to various setbacks like laziness and whatever else the producers claimed was hindering their performance, it was only just premiered a few days ago. I'll tell you right now though, the 31 year wait was definitely worth it and myself and everyone at the screening was blown away by the level of friendship, art and expression conveyed in this video. The skateboarding in it was also of the highest quality and featured the capable likes of Nicholas Boserio, Alex Campbell Harry Clark, Barry Mansfield, Mitch Cunningham, Phillip Marshal and Quayde Baker plus a metric plethora of other artistic friends all coming together to share the gift of life and super skate tricks on the steps and the walls. Josh Roberts' filming was super smooth and was on par with watching salmon navigate seamlessly through a fresh spring whilst simultaneously escaping nasty security guards and pebbles whilst Chris Yow's crafty angles and epic stills of all things righteous had me thinking i was sitting in a mausoleum watching a live miracle as opposed to a dilapidated cinema surrounded by juvenile criminals and non-skateboarders. If i was forced to choose a favourite part i'd tell you to fuck off because they all made me equally stoked on where skateboarding in Perth is headed and the only reason someone would ask such a question is to see if their opinion aligns with that of the general public, essentially deleting the purpose of their opinion in the first place, which is probably wrong anyway. Also, please remember that every copy of this DVD sold is a new makeshift church for Chris Yow to construct whilst on his missionary travels this year. All the best Yow, dead serious, not being sarcastic.

Aside from the Blueprint 3 and No Strings Attached there isn't really much else i feel is necessary or interesting enough to divulge over this particular medium. Parklife is coming up though. Are you all getting really pumped and excited for that? Ready for lobbers and fuckheads and fuckheads on lobbers! Wanna get sweated on? Ready to have your bladder explode all over the inside of your stomach as you wait to use a portable shit prison filled with speed diarrhea and clear urine? Fuck yeah! Parklife 09' you fucking assholes!

Click the pictures for you know what.....

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