Monday, August 18, 2008


That's right jerks, Michael Phelps states Lil Wayne as the sole reason he was so succesful at the olympics. He doesn't even train, he just listens to Weezy all day and stares at a glass of water. When asked how he felt about Phelps' success Lil Wayne responded, "fuck Michael Phelps, i am a better swimmer than Michael Phelps".

Then he dropped the following verse at a press conference:

"I am the muthafuckin shark in your olympic size swimming pool,
cutting through your athletes like a muthafuckin power tool,
lookin like the 96' chinese women's swimming team,
triangle lookin muthafucka, spit out competition like Listerine".

*None of the above happened, except for Michael Phelps listening to Lil Wayne which is awesome enough.

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