Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey everyone, this guy's a big fat phony!!

The man above whose name is Michael Googleearthicci or some shit actually faked having cancer so he could sell a song to the god fearing sect of the Australian population. What nerve! Lying about his life to sell records! Rappers don't do that! Do they!?
Did someone say rap? Oh, you want me to write a rap about this guy? Well, i didn't have anything planned but here's a diss track i planned earlier.

Take that shit out of your nose you phony overlord,
your just as bad as Peter with that oversized keyboard,
fronting about cancer just to sell a pop single,
something something something something i eat pringles,
texas barbecue or on some sweet and sour super shit,
looking like a white rick ross you sweet and sour super git,
do us all a favor and actually get cancer,
or make some real music, Elton John, tiny dancer.

I'm currently waiting for his response.

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