Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dragonball Z is my favourite cartoon of all time. For childhood memory's sake, i hired out a couple of seasons and once again started my training to become a Super Saiyan. Everything was going super powerful, heads were getting caved in, entire islands were being destroyed and characters were coming back to life all over the place. It was heaven.
Then this asshole 'Tien' shows up and baffles everybody with his weak demeanour and stupid third eye. I had to stop powering up and sit back down just to take in how much of a useless fag this guy is. Then, after i stopped glowing, i made the following comic to depict my hatred of this paticular waste of screen space. Richard, i know you feel me on this one.

Tien is the kind of guy that rocks up at a Dragon Ball Z reunion, stinking of booze and starts yelling at everyone because they've changed.


Scagnetti said...

oh dude.
Tien is the death of culture.
Dude has NO style.

Personally my favourite characters are Vegeta and the fully evolved Frieza because he is beautiful.

Me said...

Frieza wears eye make-up and his lips were made for kissing!!

Scagnetti said...

Frig off.

Freiza is downright BADASS.

Suzie Perfect said...

Truly Anus