Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's been a long time, i'm glad i left you, without a blog post to step to.

So i was in Melbourne recently and now i finally know why everyone in Perth will find whatever excuse they can to talk about how cool it is. Actually, scratch that. Most of the people that do this are just assholes that have little else to talk about so on that note i can't really relate. I will however, say that Melbourne is a great place where a-lot of my closest friends now reside and it's pretty crazy to think that my visit was just as worthwhile for them as it was for me, because it was.

Happily expressing every possible character trait of an annoying tourist, most of my time was spent inner city, taking photos of everything that Perth doesn't have, eating crepes and sampling the tastiest and cheapest coffee i'd ever consumed/spent money on. Here are some of the things i did and saw with a disclaimer that states it isn't my fault if you want to move there because of how face-breakingly sublime and gorgeous i made everything look.

Only the realest of men go to Melbourne on a holiday and don't move there straight afterwards.


Julian Cole said...

No one has ever made Commission flats and 7-11 reflections signs look so good.

Wow you talk about Melbourne like it is a god sent, really it is a farkin cold city that is stretched out so you have to catch PT or Cars everywhere. St. Kilda beach has got more chemicals innit than your local train hanging smackie. Apart from that, really nice people.

Me said...

Damn, I actually went out of my way to not sound like a Melbourne fanboy in that post.

While we're here though,

Weather: 28 degrees constantly, not a single cloud.

People: Actually had stuff to do. Slightly clique-y with a hint of culture over-saturation. Generally friendly.

Cost: Perth on a 50% off everything sale.

Public Transport: Convenient, constant, clean.

Ok, i'm done. Perth is great!

Brad said...

Nose pick Win.

Julian Cole is more of a bitch than a bitch. Get off the dick and quit whining while you're at it. And you spelled "send" wrong, dip shit.