Thursday, February 11, 2010

Go away for now.

Been gaming a-lot lately. As much as i'd love to blog about gaming all day, that's my special time and is really none of your business except for when i post about it and make it your business. My blog/real life friend Jimmy hats on the other hand, has been leading a relatively tumbleweed-free existence this week, particularly on one Wednesday night/morning during the week in which i'm posting this post in.

He was just maxing at his house like "whatevs, this is pretty chill i guess. Maybe i'll get a phone call from Gracey and go play chess with a founding member of Hip-hop's most iconic group who is just as well known for his production and rapping skills as he is for his chess-playing skills. I'll just act like it was another day for me because it was and i'll let him win because i'm a nice guy and then i'll make him read my journal and write raps in it while blonde-haired peasants orally pleasure his entourage in the hallways of the hotel i played chess with him in".

Jimmy plays chess with RZA.

When i heard about this, i shat so many bricks that i could have built an entire brick shithouse with brickshits to spare. The remaining shitbricks could've been deposited in the brick shithouse i'd constructed from said shitbricks.


1 comment:

Jimmy Hats said...

Man, go look at my blog again.
Just do it.
You'll be building skyscrapers with those bricks.