Friday, August 21, 2009

wtf is a Luke Steele?

I can't remember the last time i didn't have background music. It's as essential to me as failure is to that new 7pm Project show on Channel 10. I mean, without failure that 7pm Project wouldn't have much else going for it, much like i'd probably cancel myself if i didn't have music. Fuck, i tried watching that show the other night and i could actually feel a capital F being singed into my forehead via telekinetic failure. I was like, what's that smell yo? And then i looked up and saw this smoke that smelt like burger rings caused by that guy with the curly hair asking questions about toe nails or something else that loses ratings.

I've got nothing to blog about at the moment. I feel like i can't even complain properly and seeing as 110% of my blog is filled with hatred towards particular trends, people and infants, business is slow. If i was sweet html hacker i'd hack up a 'back in 15' sign and let it swing about on the front door of my blog and not come back for a while, then i'd html up a front door to put it on. If i wanted to, I could dedicate entire posts to Gears of War 2, my new Jordans and a bunch of other rhinoshit that no one cares about but the problem there is that it's rhinoshit that no one cares about and i'm at a stage now where i feel i have a standard to live up to, considering my blog is generally overflowing with 110% pure texas tea at any given time.

So, as a gift to the four people including myself that read this blog at any given time, i give you the obligatory 'i have nothing else to blog about so here's some free music to tide you over until something gay happens' post. I only listen to rap music and the following is a culmination of the bandwith sucking mixtapes and albums that have been slowing my internet down for weeks on end but also providing me with background music for days on end. I get bored real quickly so i'll post up the stuff that has been entertaining me for the last month or so. You can click the pictures if you want to introduce yourself to the knowledge or even if you just want to download whatever music it is that is featured on the pictures. I don't condone you clicking the pictures though, illegally downloading music is illegal and a crime punishable by having free music, for free.

Now, does anyone want to fill me in on this Luke Steele guy that everyone is whining about? Why is he on Jay-z's new album if he's from Perth? You can see how such a thing would poison my otherwise holy mental stream.

PS. I can't find a link to the J Cole mixtape for the life of me. Figures because it's probably the music i am most psyched on at the moment. If you can find it, download the shit out of it.


Yeah, Right. said...

Thank you and Luke Steele wears make up not in that good way and is related to that bitch Katy Steele who sings about little birds or something and has bleached blonde hair and ruined roller derby for everyone. Wait. That might have been her boyfriend. I am confused and I'm gonna go back to eating my snack which is a deconstructed caesar salad in a burger, ie. poached egg, lettuce, bacon, caesar dressing and cheese. If you want a heart attack I recommend eating one of these every day. Also how come I had to talk to some girl tonight about capes? She was blonde and kind of looked like you if you were a fucking blonde idiot and while it was funny to mock her when she told me she almost cried because she wore a cape last weekend and her friends made fun of her and basically went "LOL TWILIGHT LOL TRUE BLOOD LOL VAMPIRES" at her and "How come your friends don't do that? Are my friends shit?" it just dragged on and on and on and fucking on kind of like this comment.

$hcott Free said...

J.cole Mixtape Link
Google search fail...

Yeah-Garth said...

Although I haven't even finished downloading the new Kev Brown album.

I'm giving you a huge thanks in advance, Because I know it's going to tickle a lot more then just my fancy!

I didn't even know it was out yet!

If myspace was still cool, I'd definitely move you up a few spots in my top friends.

Me said...

My pleasure, i found it by accident a couple of weeks ago so i thought i'd share. The versatility joint and the hennessy joint are my personal picks but the whole thing is very listenable.

Plus, it has a 90% 'customer walk in and ask "who is this playing" rate'. I just tell them it's 50 Cent and keep it moving.