Thursday, August 6, 2009

For anyone that ever said celebrities are people too.

While i sit here and impatiently wait for a match on Gears of War 2 only to inevitably end up facing a bunch of ignorant americans with shitty connections or super skilled koreans with amazing connections, i'd like to shed some light on Hollywood's latest nude photo scandal. It's not like i go out looking for this shit either, all i had to do was turn my computer on this morning and a lo and behold, a young Disney starlet's private parts were jumping all over my monitor, begging me to post a blog about it.

Her name is Vanessa Hudgens and i had no idea she even existed before i'd seen her in her birthday suit. Do you know how liberating it is to see an admired Disney actress in all her glory on the internet before you even know what the hell garbage television series it is that she features on?
Pretty fucking liberating if you don't mind me saying!

It's like when Jerry Seinfeld did this stand up routine talking about how people shouldn't accept compliments for their clothes because it's the clothes that are being complimented and not them. He ends the set talking about how when you're naked, that's it, you have nothing else to offer. Then he talks about how it would be awesome if you could just by some pockets or something to wear when you're naked so you don't look awkward just standing there with nothing to do. Maybe Vanessa could have used some pockets here? Fuck i love Seinfeld.

Anyway, compared to the Cassie and Rihanna scandals of yonder, i'd have to say that young Vanessa is definitely holding her own in this particular field. The poses, the sultry expression in her face, the on set wardrobe/hotel room setting. If there was ever a starving celebrity to pass the free publicity torch on to, Vanessa Hudgens definitely has her hand (and her vagina) out.

The best part about this whole thing is that it was supposedly her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron that leaked the pictures. You know, the Zac Efron who is adored worldwide and probably has Jesus Christ on speed dial? Well, if this is the case Zac, your human currency has just been promoted from chump change to douche dollars.


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wayan said...

check this out

Me said...

Thank god Popeye the censorship sailor is here to tidy things up a bit!