Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Small things amuse monolithic minds.

I was playing my favorite game of all time this year just now when at the end of one of my hard fought battles the above score was awarded to me.
To the malinformed and misnutritioned, the highlighted number above reads one thousand three hundred and thirty seven.

To those in the know, it means that for about 8 seconds, i was the champion of the universe and the winner of all things competitive.


ckm said...

thats pretty awesome, too bad it was gears...

Me said...

Haha, i knew i'd upset someone when i revealed which game it was.

I guarantee for every gripe you have with GOW2, i have ten fanboy-esque responses.

ckm said...

Here’s what Tycho has to say about the dialogue in Gears of War 2:

“Still. There is a point at which “the rookie” says there are a shitload of grubs down there. Marcus Fenix corrects him, suggesting that there are, in fact, “Ten Shitloads.” I want to grant that Gears of War takes place on the planet Sera, where Shitload may be a genuine unit of measurement - but that’s dumb, and this line is dumb, and the people speaking are idiots, and they live in a world of dumbshits where stupidity is a form of currency.”

Ok so i just ripped that off but i think he has a valid point. I think my general dislike for the game may stem from the fact that im shit at it, actually yes that sounds about right.