Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ultra post mega.

Music: New Jay-z song from the soundtrack to that Biggie film that's coming out soon. Kanye made the beat, fresh off the cuddle-fest that was '808's and Heartbreak'.

Newsflash: Venice has always been flooded. Check out Grandma on the left, it's cute that she thinks spraying water at the flood will make it run away like the dogs that try and steal her sausages.

Current Events: The sky was freaking everybody out last night, now i have something to talk about during those awkward moments when i bump into someone that i haven't seen for ten years and they end up catching me for one of those "so, whaddya been up to?" conversations.

Entertainment/Fashion: I checked hypebeast for my daily dose of comedy this morning and came across something not so humorous. Apparently the photo on the left won an award for adhering to the following guidelines:
"Learn from the wisdom accumulated by our predecessors all over the world, find good points in such long-established merchandise, and convert them into a design that fits our modern life. We expect to see our “yes, of course” products that are also great in the modern age".

So basically, take a picture of something boring and shit, and make it look awesome.
My photo (right) was taken about six months ago and is the definition of this technique. The problem i have here is that my photo has clearly been copied, photoshopped and entered into the competion as the entry you see on the left. I don't know what a Muji award is, but you could imagine my disgust when i found out that i should definately have one.
Disclaimer: Apologies for the forced post, i'll throw some youtube clips in the next one.

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