Wednesday, April 9, 2014

96FM - Tell us how you really feel.

If you live in Perth and have left your house recently then you've probably become familiar with 96FM's aggressive 'Keep Real Music Alive' advertising campaign, and if you weren't born in the 70's it may have even rustled your jimmies a little. The campaign's modus operandi is as simple as it is clever, fronting a bold, tongue-in-cheek attack on today's youth and the sub-par music their generation will forever be remembered for, whilst simultaneously celebrating the station's superiority in the realm of 'real music'. Essentially, the campaign is saying (for the first time) that computers are for spreadsheets and it's difficult to relate to current music if your car still has a tape deck. 

I made some of my own to help get their message across and maybe even reinstate some pride into those of us that weren't born in the 70's and have consciously enjoyed music that was produced with the aid of a computer: