Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thought for the day.

Liking stuff that is cool, but unnecessarily hyped = Conformist.

Something you're into is being hyped up with millions of dollars worth of advertising, explosions and morning show banter? Stop liking it. Because of all that advertising reaching out to the general public whom were once unaware of this particular thing, you're only conforming by enjoying it as well. Time to move on and start liking something that is cool, but still underground.

Liking stuff that is cool, but still underground = Conformist.

Think you're killing it by being aware of something that others aren't aware of? Fill out your membership and join the club, conformer. If you aren't responsible for it's conception or not directly related to it, there's a high probability that you aren't the first person to ever like it. You're the guy that listens to a pop group, reads their biography, finds out who their inspirations are, reads their biography, and evenentually tunnels so deep into the background of said pop group that you end up back at world music, which is the most conformist brand of music of all time. May as well go back to hating everything that you and everyone else used to like.

Hating stuff that everyone likes = Conformist.

It's a little known fact that if you enjoy something, you'll tell five people, but if you hate something, you'll tell ten people. Way to advertise that thing you don't like, conformist douche. Take the easy way out and stick to what you know, hating stuff that begs to be hated on.

Hating stuff that sucks = Conformist.

You know what's more original than hating something that is shit? Not being a conformist chimney sweep butt cleaner.

Liking stuff that sucks because no one else will like it because it sucks = Conformist.

Damn, you almost had it. In your journey to become a non-conformist supremist shitdick, you made one elementary mistake. Liking ANYTHING is conformist, even if it sucks and no one else likes it. You know why it sucks? Because there is a hatred collective that has made it so. You're part of that collective and conforming harder than the kind of conformists that claim non-conformism to appear non-conformist.

Hating everything/Emo = Conformist.

By associating yourself with the Emo lifestyle, you're admitting that you have emotions to begin with, or enjoy music that celebrates and/or shows disdain for emotion. Associating yourself with something that everyone else experiences makes you a conformist sheep asshole. Ps. Emo's aren't even around anymore so not being an Emo is also really conformist.

With all that said, i thought Alice in Wonderland was really good. Johnny Depp is a great actor who is really versatile.


Jimmy Hats said...





Me said...

Complaining is the fuel that runs this spot.

I'll update the more important blog tomorrow and it will feels good man.

yakusikimo said...

Liking johnny derpp is fucking conformist "hes liek soooo alt". Are you retard or just trolling? Alice in Wunderland is the shittest sequal since donnie darko 2 hurr durr. What was the piont? jaberwokie i dont even. As for johnny depp hes a pretty cool guy and doesnt afriad of anything. I like how he always plays the same drunk/crazy/mysterious person eg mad hatter, sparrow, chocolate factoy, scissor hands, sweeney. When he walked on the table it was soo cool!!! just like when he did a rolly polly in charlie chocolate or how jack sparrow walks!!! False. He hasnt been cool since cry baby and alice in wonderland was shitter than public enemies which is very. If Tim Burton remakes another fucking kids movie or sucks johnny depps dik again imma go have to sow his mouth to the arse of that cancerous bitch from fight club.

p.s You cant spell hype without hipster/hate,y,pretentousness and e.

To quote the wisdom of die antwoord "decapitate a hater".

nice blog mayne I liked your shutter island review. kthxbai xoxo

Me said...

Purposely childish film is childish. Hating Johnny derp became chic after Charlie and the chocolate factory any roles before are null and don't. Crybaby SUCKED, little butthurt pouty lipped boner running around dancing on cue, I haven't even seen it yet but I looked at the dvd once.

See you at sub base.

yakusikimo said...

Yes we will have to settle this on mw2 like real men.

Michelle said...

this made my day.